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Wednesday 715p

Saturday 10a

Flip, Fly, & Flow through this invigorating Aerial Vinyasa style class! We will utilize inversions to decompress the spine and relieve tension from the neck & back muscles.

Aerial Yoga is an all levels class, no previous Aerial Yoga experience required. 

Reserve your swing! Space is EXTREMELY LIMITED! Come FLY with us!

No jewelry permitted in the swings.


Wednesday 10a

Thursday 715p

Sunday 4p

Yin Yoga invites you to slow down and create space for stillness while nourishing joints, ligaments, tendons & fascia. Engage the body's natural power as you actively nourish & harmonize the body's vital life force energy or Chi.


Poses are held at a minimum of 2-5+ minutes allowing joints & fascia to release. This class will complement your Vinyasa/Flow/Aerial practice & will open & release areas in need of more stretching.


All Levels welcome.


Monday 7p

Friday 10a

This class will flow slowly through sun salutations & foundational yoga poses designed to build internal heat slowly & gently. Meditation & Pranayama (breath work) techniques are taught to promote relaxation.


As we allow ourselves to take our time in a slower-paced yoga practice, we find that our muscles become more supple, our breath deepens, enlivens, invigorates, & our entire being shifts towards a state of greater balance.


All levels welcome.


Monday 10a

Gentle Yoga is a luxurious yoga practice with movements that are slow, gentle, repetitive, & creative to create a deeply nourishing class.


Stay at your own pace, do only what you feel comfortable with, use yoga props or forego the use of props for more advanced practitioners, & take breaks whenever YOU need them. Variations will be given for each posture so that each student can tailor the practice to his or her needs, abilities, or physical limitations.


All levels welcome.


Tuesday 630p

Focus on breath awareness & movement in this alignment-based yoga class. 


Prepare to sweat, prepare to smile, prepare to surprise yourself! Benefits to this style are endless, ranging from enhanced strength, ability to balance, flexibility, emotional well-being and everything in between!


Intermediate to Advanced levels welcome, previous yoga experience suggested, but not required.


Sunday 10a

Lyra (Aerial Hoop) is a form of exercise that only recently has emerged into yoga studios. It has roots in the Circus, the world of Acrobatics, & is related to Aerial Yoga.

Lyra combines strength & conditioning exercises, agility movements, & graceful combinations of poses. Learn the basics of Lyra in this beginner 101 class.

Please wear long yoga pants.


Saturday 830a

This class combines floor Pilates, strength training, conditioning exercises, & yoga poses designed to increase strength, flexibility, & endurance. Challenge yourself!

Various & multiple exercise equipment will be used (ex: free weights & bands)

Be prepared to sweat, smile, & have some fun!

All levels welcome.


Tuesday 6a

Thursday 6a

Energize the body & mind while greeting the sun & the opportunities of a new day.


The body will be invigorated & the mind quieted by this moderately paced Vinyasa style class, allowing you to meet the day's challenges with peace & grace. 


Intermediate to Advanced levels welcome, previous yoga experience is suggested, but not required.


Atomic Lotus Yoga 


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