Lyn’s yoga journey started over 7 years ago while seeking a more spiritual & physical way to heal & connect with her inner self. At the time she would have no idea just how much yoga would transform her entire life & well-being. She immediately fell in love with her practice & how it made her feel mentally, physically, & spiritually. She knew she had to learn more about yoga & it's origins & share this amazing gift with others.

She then decided to study Hatha & Ashtanga yoga & become a certified instructor, so she would be able to confidently share all the powerful & joyful benefits of yoga with others. Lyn enjoys teaching all levels & styles of yoga from the “chair to the air” & has an array of certifications she has obtained over the years, including over 300 hours of Aerial Arts training & experience (CircuSoul, Sarasota, FL & CirqFit, San Fransisco, CA), over 3500 hours of mat yoga training & experience, & over 300 hours of Yin yoga training & experience.

Lyn continued to deepen her yoga journey, practice, & education by completing her 300 hour yoga certification at The Lotus Pond, Tampa, FL; under Iyengar Master Teacher Karin Stephan from Cambridge, Massachusetts. Lyn’s journey also allowed her to deepen her practice as an energy practioner by way of Reiki, a Japanese energy technique that uses a hands-on therapudic approach. Lyn practices this ancient Japanese technique daily on herself & others. Lyn plans to continue to deepen her yoga passion by visiting India, as well as travel abroad to other countries, to gain a deeper sense, knowledge, & understanding of yoga & yoga history in Eastern cultures (where yoga originated).

After teaching yoga at studios in and around Pinellas & Pasco counties, Lyn was given the amazing opportunity to open her very own yoga studio in April of 2019, thus Atomic Lotus Yoga was born. Lyn's drive & passion for helping others in her community by way of yoga, aerial arts, movement, & meditation continue to fill her heart daily. Lyn encourages others to expereince yoga for themselves whether you are beginner taking your very first class or an advanced practitioner seeking to deepen their passion for yoga & movement. She is forever grateful for her yoga experiences thus far & for being given the opportunity to share & witness the yoga experience with others each & every day.

Meet The Team



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Aaron Duesing Aerialist & RYT 200

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Aaron Thomas Duesing has been a student of the human body in manydisciplines. His first major was in dance and he has choreographed and presented several pieces across NYC, including the Bushwig Drag Festival and Brooklyn Nightlife Awards.


From there, he found a yoga practice and has participated in many movement and yoga workshops around the world. In 2016, he began teaching yoga at Yoga to the People. He taught a vinyasa workshop at the International Yoga Festival in Belize in 2018 and later hosted a retreat in Punta Gorda, Belize in 2019.


He is heavily involved in the aerial arts, training primarily on silks, rope, and sling apparatuses. He has trained in world-renowned studios including Circus Warehouse and Body & Pole in NYC and Aerial Physique in Los Angeles. He has performed as an aerialist internationally. His passions are teaching and helping others grow mentally and physically.


He currently holds a Bachelor's degree in Dance, a second Bachelor's in Human Biology, a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification and a 100-hr Hot Yoga Certification. He plans to pursue a Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

Aaron teaches:

Tuesday Beginner/Intermediate Sling 745p 

Wednesday Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Aerial Silks 730p

Sunday Beginner/Advanced Beginner Aerial Silks 5p

Kayla Provost CRYT 200 & Aerialist


Kayla was born and raised in Pennsylvania and moved to Florida in 2016. She discovered yoga in 2015 while attending college to help find space and grounding through life’s challenges. Becoming more aware of the relationship she built within her body, breathe, and mind she craved a deeper connection.

In 2019 she walked away from her corporate career to find a path with more meaning. She completed her 200-hour Vinyasa Blend teacher training and a 20-hour Trauma Conscious teacher training with Connected Warriors. Kayla is always seeking to educate herself deeper in this practice to better serve herself and others. 

Kayla’s practice has helped her grow stronger, more flexible and become more fearless – physically and mentally - on and off the mat. She strives to share this with the world and help others feel more connected.

In her classes she loves to combine power, playfulness, love and balance. We are all humans! We all have bodies! Let us encourage and uplift one another through movement at any pace that feels comfortable for ourselves.

And now, it's like this... 
Namaste, friends. Let’s flow together!

Kayla teaches:

Monday Beginner Aerial Yoga 430p

Tuesday Vin/Yin 630p

Tuesday & Thursday Rise & Shine Yoga 6a 

Saturday Gentle Yoga 830a

Charles Dayhoff Aerialist & Personal Trainer


Being born and raised in sunny Florida, Charles started his acrobatic journey at the age of 16. Starting at around 250 lbs, and a plethora of health problems he continues to train through college. Eventually, he was able to use acrobatic and aerial arts training to overcome his various genetic health issues by utilizing various  metabolic adaptation techniques to reprogram his bodies internal system.


As of this year he has 12 years of various circus arts training under his belt. His specialty is Lyra (Aerial hoop), but is also proficient in Acro, Hand balancing and calisthenics, fire breathing, fire spinning/ flow arts; as well as minor proficiency in aerial hammock, aerial silks, straps, chain and aerial loop. 


Charles has been a full time Aerial performer and instructor for 2 years with an additional 3 years part time performance experience prior. He is a certified ISSA Personal trainer, with specialty certifications in ISSA Specialist in Group Fitness Coach and  ISSA Certified Yoga Instructor. He is an active member of the St. Petersburg Acro community and has had several students go on to national competitions in performance/circus/aerial arts.   


"I love being a circus instructor. I get to show people the inner strength and ability that they didn't even know they had. It's a true blessing to be able to inspire and lift people up, both literally and metaphorically." 

Charles teaches:

Thursday Beginner/Intermediate Aerial Sling 430p

Friday Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Aerial Hoop 630p