Lyn Kirkman is the founder & lead instructor of Atomic Lotus Yoga & Aerial Fitness. Lyn loves to share her knowledge & passion for aerial fitness & yoga with others. Lyn has been practicing & teaching aerials/yoga since 2013 in studio class settings, private class events, & group settings. More than anything, Lyn loves to share aerial arts with others & is most comfortable teaching her love for the art & practice with people from diverse backgrounds & fitness levels.


Lyn is inspired by her students & lives for the moments of achievement that only comes with the development of strength & mental clarity that aerial arts, fitness, & yoga provides. With a background in biological sciences/genetics & with a passion for anatomy, various forms of yoga, pilates, & aerial arts have been a natural continuation of her love for creative movement arts & restorative fitness. Lyn's drive & passion for helping others in her community by way of yoga, aerial arts, movement, & meditation continue to fill her heart daily.

Lyn teaches:

Monday Gentle Yoga 10a & All Levels Aerial Yoga 630p

Tuesday Aerial Hoop 10a & Beginner Trapeze 7p

Wednesday Yin Yoga 10a, Beginner Aerial Sling 1130a, & Beginner Aerial Silks 6p

Thursday All Levels Aerial Yoga 10a

Friday Gentle Yoga 1030a & Beginner Trapeze 12p

She also teaches private & private group lessons & kids aerial/circus classes.

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Lynn Janovich
Aerialist & Performer


Lynn Janovich has been training and performing aerial arts since 2009. Prior to her aerial training she was an elite level runner and a dancer. She is extremely well-versed in corde lisse, silks and static and dance trapeze. She began teaching aerial regularly in 2014.

She just moved to St. Petersburg in January 2021 from Los Angeles, which is where she trained and performed aerial. She has performed numerous solo and group acts all around Los Angeles and also several performances of her duo trapeze act with her partner Kennedy Kabasares.  She also has choreographed group aerial numbers for various shows.

She was the 3rd place winner in Circus Star USA 2015 and has also had the privilege to audition for Cirque du Soleil twice.

She is very excited to continue her aerial journey in St. Petersburg/Tampa!

Lynn teaches:

Monday Mixed Level Aerial Silks 1130a

Saturday Mixed Level Aerial Silks 1230p

Kayla Provost
CRYT 200 & Aerialist


Kayla's yoga practice deepened in 2015 when she understood how much yoga impacted her life on and off the mat. Encouraging her to ground and focus within she knew she found her calling. "This is my purpose on Earth - to heal, hold space, uplift, build, and love". 


Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Kayla moved to Florida in 2017 for more life and opportunities. Saying goodbye to the corporate world while keeping her marketing background under her wings, she completed her 200hr Vinyasa blend Teacher Training making that the start of her passion teaching this art. She has branched out since then and is now certified as an Aerial Instructor, Trauma Conscious Yoga, and Grief Movement Teacher.


In her classes you will build strength, build community, deepen your breath, flow at your own pace, and honor the body you have. 

Kayla teaches:

Monday Beginner Aerial Yoga 430p

Tuesday & Thursday Rise & Shine Yoga 6a 

Thursday Warm Aerial Power Yoga 630p

Saturday Gentle Yoga 9a & Beginner Aerial Yoga 1030a

Charles Dayhoff
Aerialist, Performer, & Personal Trainer


Being born and raised in sunny Florida, Charles started his acrobatic journey at the age of 16. Starting at around 250 lbs, and a plethora of health problems he continues to train through college. Eventually, he was able to use acrobatic and aerial arts training to overcome his various genetic health issues by utilizing various  metabolic adaptation techniques to reprogram his bodies internal system.


As of this year he has 12 years of various circus arts training under his belt. His specialty is Lyra (Aerial hoop), but is also proficient in Acro, Hand balancing and calisthenics, fire breathing, fire spinning/ flow arts; as well as minor proficiency in aerial hammock, aerial silks, straps, chain and aerial loop. 


Charles has been a full time Aerial performer and instructor for 2 years with an additional 3 years part time performance experience prior. He is a certified ISSA Personal trainer, with specialty certifications in ISSA Specialist in Group Fitness Coach and  ISSA Certified Yoga Instructor. He is an active member of the St. Petersburg Acro community and has had several students go on to national competitions in performance/circus/aerial arts.   


"I love being a circus instructor. I get to show people the inner strength and ability that they didn't even know they had. It's a true blessing to be able to inspire and lift people up, both literally and metaphorically." 

Charles teaches:

Tuesday Beginner/Intermediate Aerial Sling 530p

Thursday Beginner/Intermediate Aerial Hoop 430p

Monique Cruz
RYT 200 & Aerialist


Monique’s initial attraction to yoga was through the asanas for physical fitness & strength. As she began to fall in love with yoga & the way her body began to feel, her heart began to soften & open. Through meditation & practice of yogic principles, her mind began to become calm, still, & present. When she discovered the fusion of this beautiful practice with the use of the aerial hammock, she was instantly hooked! As she already loved to fly as a silk’s aerialist.


The combination of weightlessness & the ability to release & access muscles she could not ordinarily access on the mat was completely empowering & enlightening. She knew that she had to share this feeling. She had to share "the bliss of the release" with anyone who showed even the slightest interest in aerial yoga. She became certified in aerial yoga in March of 2021 at Atomic Lotus in Pinellas Park, Florida. Monique is completing her 200 RYT from the Lotus Pond in Tampa, Florida in December of 2021.


She looks forward to flying with you & sharing "the bliss of release". Namaste

Monique teaches:

Friday Aerial Yoga for Flexibility 9a (Nov 2021)

Friday Gentle Yoga 1030a (Dec 2021)

Tabitha Najour
RYT 200


Tabitha discovered yoga in 2008 while completing her BA in History and World Religions at USF. She realized the benefits of yoga that extended beyond the mat and deepened her studies into philosophy, spirituality, ayurveda, and the energetic bodies.


Completing two 200 hour vinyasa-based certifications, Tabitha is currently working on her 300 hour certificate. She loves teaching creative movement and transitions, with the intention of helping you stay present in your practice, feel good in your body, and light in your heart.

Tabitha is currently on our teacher sub list, she teaches a variety of yoga styles