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Lyn’s yoga journey started over 5 years ago while seeking a more spiritual & physical way to heal & connect with her inner self. At the time she would have no idea just how much yoga would transform her entire life & well-being. She immediately fell in love with her practice & how it made her feel mentally, physically, & spiritually. She knew she had to share this amazing gift with others.

She then decided to study yoga & become an instructor, so she would be able to share all the powerful & joyful benefits of yoga with others. Lyn’s journey also allowed her to deepen her practice as an energy healer by way of Reiki, a Japanese healing technique, that uses a hands-on approach to healing. Lyn practices this ancient Japanese technique daily on herself & others. She encourages others to come and be a part of the same life altering transformation whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner seeking to deepen their passion for yoga & healing.

Lyn enjoys teaching all levels & styles of yoga from the “chair to the air” & has an array of certifications she has obtained over the years, including over 300 hours of Aerial Yoga training & experience, over 1500 hours of mat yoga training & experience, & over 200 hours of Yin Yoga training & experience. Lyn is continuing her journey to deepen her own practice & education as she starts her RYT 300 (The Lotus Pond, Tampa, FL). She also plans to visit India, as well as travel abroad to other countries, to gain a deeper sense, knowledge, & understanding of yoga & yoga history in Eastern cultures (where yoga originated). She is forever grateful for her experiences thus far & for being given the opportunity to share & witness the yoga experience with others.

Namaste -Lyn


Karen Bauer RYT 200

Karen was introduced to yoga in High School & has been drawn back to it throughout her life. After raising her 2 children she then decided to follow her passion & dive deeper into the teachings and philosophy of yoga.

Having received her RYT 200 & Yin Yoga certification from The Lotus Pond in Tampa, Florida, 2019, she is currently pursuing teaching yoga & continuing her education by studying for her RYT 300 certification.

She is a member of Yoga Alliance, & is also a Reiki Practitioner certified in Levels I and II. Karen enjoys teaching Gentle Flow & Yin classes that weave breath work & mindful movement throughout, in an effort to have her students come into the present moment with acceptance & gratitude & leave class feeling at peace and spreading that out into the world.

Karen Teaches Friday Restorative Yoga 10a & Sunday Yin Yoga 4p


Doreen Aitken RYT 200

Doreen was introduced to yoga at a local fitness center and fell in love with the stillness of the mind & breath control during the Asanas. Not knowing the truest sense of yoga she joined a local yoga studio to explore her practice.

Intrigued & curious she decided to take a 200 hour yoga teacher training & was introduced to Chakras, lines of energies, Prana, & so much more. She enjoys teaching Hatha because of her love to share & guide others in a meaningful practice.

Doreen teaches Wednesday Slow Flow 530p & Saturday Restorative Yoga 11a